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Art Classes

Art XO Studio offers painting classes, ceramics classes, drawing classes, mixed media art and much more!

We offer 20+ art classes and programs during Fall, Winter, and Spring. In summer, we have a light class schedule to balance out our engaging
Art Camp.

Scroll down for general information on classes, or click on the links to explore a specific semester. Check out our beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs.



We offer various types of paint classes, such as acrylic, oil and watercolor painting, or classes that use more than one kind of paint.

Our classes explore styles of realism, abstract, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism.... and lots of other 'isms' as they emerge.

The description for each type of class will give you an idea of what students can expect, and who that class will be appropriate for. 

We stay current with trends in paining, including acrylic pouring, pendulum painting, and others.


We work to customize lessons to fit our students and their interests. This strategy of student driven instruction design keep our artists inspired, engaged, and excited. 


We offer classes utilizing traditional air dry clay and polyform clay. We have a pottery wheel on-site. 

Artists can learn basic pottery techniques including pinch, coil and slab while they create their own sculptures. We teach how to use different tools, pottery vocabulary, and how to be successful with clay.


We also offer mosaic projects, and work with tiles in many of our classes. Artists get to puzzle together a mosaic and use grout to fill in the space between tiles.


Mixed Media

Our studio is famous for the incredibly popular "wood shapes" that our students can't seem to get enough of!

We love to offer opportunities to use all sorts of art materials creatively. Puzzling together a mix of media is fabulous in expanding creativity and problem solving.

Our mixed media and maker type art classes benefit artists with a fun variety of wood, paper, resin, textile, foam and so much more.

The sky is the limit when you get to play and explore in the realm of mixed media.


Our drawing classes, which can be an aspect of many painting focused classes, hone in on the development of both technical and observational skills.


We support the growth of essential drawing techniques and the vocabulary for these methods which include; stippling, hatching, blending, shading and so on.


Classes may employ a wide range of drawing media including charcoal, graphite, tortillon, and ink. 


Artists in our drawing courses can expect to develop both technical abilities and creative responses to material and subject matter. 

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