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High School Open Studio Mondays

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Colorful Pens

Due to lack of demand

Enjoy time creating in the same space as other artists. Create, inspire, grow.

A Space for Creatives

Don't worry any more about ruining things at home, or working in a garage without climate controls... we make it easy to work with oils, resins, plasters or any other medium. You can enjoy the studio without younger artist interruptions.

Cost: Pay for studio time only, and bring supplies. Or purchase materials at a discounted student rate.

Materials: Bring or purchase. Example - Paint projects: You can bring canvas/paint/brushes -OR- purchase canvas, purchase paint by the pallete or tubes, and use studio brushes. Sculpture project: Bring work in progress and tools -OR- purchase clay/plaster... etc. Materials on hand include paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor), air dry clay, plaster, plaster strips, resin, resin molds, mica powder, glitters, spray paint, canvas, wood palettes. 

Space: Includes a space to keep your art project safe until it is dry.

Booking Options: Monthly and drop in options available online, or pay in person. 

In order for this to work, we will need a minimum of 4 artists to run HS Open Studio each week. We will have a link to easily book through our app, and you can see if the minimum has been met, and if open studio will run.  

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